Why does the Pension Fund Industry need a Fincrime tool?

The pension fund industry manages large amounts of transactions and huge sensitive information, which makes it a prime target for financial crimes.

Proper risk management not only helps to stay compliant but is also important to safeguard the retirement security of pensioners. Here’s why a fincrime tool is important:

Adhere to regulations like ERISA, IRS, and more to protect beneficiaries’ funds

Protect sensitive information against cyber threats.

Maintain the trust of pensioners.

Identify and mitigate the risk of pension fraud.

Ensure a secure tomorrow for millions and tackle the challenges of the pension fund industry with Velocity’s advanced fincrime solution.
Why choose Velocity as your fincrime solution?
Ready to streamline your pension fund operations?
Real-time monitoring

Effectively monitor every pension fund transaction in real-time, get detailed reports, and take immediate actions to mitigate risks.


Velocity can be customized as per your business needs and can quickly cater to the challenges of the pension fund industry.

Reduce false positives

Quickly identify and address the unique transaction patterns in the pension fund industry, which helps to detect risks accurately and minimize false positives.

Leverages advanced technology

With the help of AI and ML, Velocity cannot just help to detect and prevent fincrimes but also adapt to the emerging threats in the pension fund industry.

Ready to streamline your pension fund operations?
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