Why does the Money Transfer and Payment Sector need a Fincrime tool?


Rise in fincrime threat in digital world


Criminals getting more sophisticated


Ever-changing regulatory compliance


Avoid hefty fines and safeguard your reputation


Streamline operations and enhance securit

Transform the way you handle financial crime in the digital world. Secure transactions, strengthen trust and combat financial crimes with the advanced tool Velocity.
Why choose Velocity as your fincrime solution?
Uses advanced technology

Velocity’s cutting-edge technology helps to detect and prevent fincrimes quickly and stay compliant.

Real-time transaction monitoring

The advanced tool helps to scrutinize transactions and generate alerts in real-time, ensuring any suspicious activity is flagged instantly, safeguarding your operations 24/7.


Whether you’re scaling up services or expanding into new markets, Velocity adapts to your changing needs effectively.

Integration capabilities

Velocity integrates smoothly with your existing systems, without interrupting your ongoing operations.

Quick deployment

With rapid deployment, Velocity can help you minimize downtime and enhance the overall security.

Dedicated customer support

Velocity does not just sell solutions; but focuses on building partnerships. Our dedicated customer support team ensures you have all the assistance you need.

Let’s transform how money moves in the digital world.
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