Why do Investment Firms need a Fincrime tool?

Investment firms handle diverse portfolios, execute high volumes of transactions, hold assets, and more, which makes it an attractive target for money launderers.

Moreover, for investment firms, it’s not just about staying compliant with the changing regulations but also about safeguarding the reputation and trust of the customers. Here’s why investing in a fincrime tool is non-negotiable:

Complex and ever-changing regulatory requirements.

The high volume of transactions makes it attractive for money launderers.

Safeguard sensitive financial data against data breaches.

Reputation risk management.

Protect clients’ assets and maintain trust.

Safeguard your investment firm against fincrimes with Velocity - the ultimate fincrime tool to strengthen compliance processes, streamline operations, and mitigate risks.
Why choose Velocity as your fincrime solution?
Leverages AI and ML

The advanced tool uses AI and ML to identify, analyze, and prevent fincrime activities quickly and accurately.

Effortless integration

Velocity is built to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of investment management platforms, ensuring a smooth workflow with no disturbances.

Real-time transaction monitoring

Stay ahead of threats with our transaction monitoring software, designed to analyze and detect suspicious activities in real time.


Regardless of your investment firm’s size, Velocity scales with your needs, offering robust fincrime protection at all stages of growth.

Ready to navigate the complex world of investment compliance with ease and efficiency?
Ready to navigate the complex world of investment compliance with ease and efficiency?
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