The velocity fraud detection module protects financial institutions against fraudulent transactions. With proper implementation of adaptive AI, the Velocity fraud detection module helps in detecting fraudulent activities quickly and effectively. The system is developed to adapt to ever-changing compliance regulations, scale with growing transactions, and minimize false positives.
The module provides a plethora of benefits including optimized protection against digital banking fraud threats, effective screening of synthetic identity fraud, extensible payment fraud protection, identification of internal threats, and detection of high-value wires sent to international locations.

The fraudsters are only getting smarter

With the dynamic digital banking landscape and the emergence of digital currency, financial frauds are increasing day by day. The anonymity provided by technological advances is like a goldmine for fraudsters.
Financial institutions need to detect the risk and root out the problems associated with fraudulent activities without interrupting the seamless digital banking experience.


Cross Channel Fraud

The module does cross-channel verification to detect fraud and provide faster fund availability.

New Account Fraud

Proactive monitoring helps in the detection of suspicious details and provides identity proofing.

Payment Fraud

The module provides extensive fraud protection from all payment types.

Digital Banking Fraud

By highly optimized protection, the module protects against digital banking threats.

Fraud Management

A comprehensive platform that provides a holistic view of cases, generates fraud alerts, user-friendly reports, and robust case management.


Proactive fraud monitoring

By leveraging Machine learning algorithms, Velocity detects fraud patterns at their infancy, thus rapidly generating alerts before fraudsters effectuate any fraudulent activity.

Reduction in false positives

Our powerful analytical system reduces the volume of alerts and thus, improves your overall fraud prevention efforts.

Prevents scam

With a robust authentication feature, Velocity prevents scamming of your customers through protection against synthetic IDs, mule risks, and stolen IDs

Identify threats

Velocity’s agile analytics quickly identifies emerging threats and inspects anomalies to indicate suspicious behavior. Thus, rendering fraudsters helpless.

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