Velocity-Integrated Case Management and Reporting (ICMR) module is a case management interface that will give you the confidence to make the right decisions about suspicious activities. With a user-friendly interface and automated workflows, you will be able to review, investigate and escalate alerts efficiently. You will also have better insights into the status of Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) through the well-designed visualization tools and interactive dashboards.

Integrated Alerts and Case Management

Dynamic Workflows

Holistic Customer View

Interactive Dashboards and Reports



  • Velocity is designed based on industry best practices
  • Has built-in negative media searches
  • QA/Audit workbench
  • Event-driven workflows
  • Full audit trails for all user actions
  • Easy to add and view documents/artifacts
  • Robust reports and built-in user workbenches with work status dashboards
  • The system is fully customizable and the out-of-box solution is easily configurable
  • Various required SAR fields are integrated with the cases and are configurable
  • Delineation by alert/case types – e.g. EDD cases have different review memo contents
  • Velocity is integrated with the FinCEN E-Filing system to file SARs electronically from ICMR
  • Canned Report
    QA Report
    Productivity Report
    Alert / Cases / SAR Reports
  • Dynamic Report Builder
    Build your own reports
Detect, document, and track all suspicious financial activities with one centralized tool.
AML laws continue to become more stringent as financial crimes become more sophisticated. Your best bet in manoeuvring the challenging AML compliance context is by acquiring comprehensive AML software endowed with appropriate features and modules to automate your compliance efforts. A good case management reporting tool should be able to detect, flag, document, and allow the flow of communication to individuals handling the cases. Velocity’s all-in-one case management and reporting module will enable you to seamlessly monitor, detect, and investigate any suspicious activity and automatically file Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) with relevant authorities. A robust case management and reporting system will act as a safeguard against potential regulatory fines and minimize the risks of incurring financial losses from financial crimes committed against your institution.

An exceptional tool to ensure government compliance and financial security

  • Bird’s eye view to the entire system
  • Cross-channel view of suspicious activity
  • Easily configurable event-based workflows
  • Regulatory reporting and filing integration
  • FinCEN integration and automatic SAR Filing
  • Quick suspicious activity alerts and case creation
  • Multiple investigation tools and in-built negative media search

SAR filing is just One- Click Away

Velocity has robust SAR creation and e filing features that can extend to multiple jurisdictions including FinCEN, FINTRAC and AUSTRAC specific requirements. Our SAR module is fully integrated with the Transaction Monitoring Case workflow but can also be used as a standalone application. The ease of filing SAR through Velocity is as simple as Click. Delivered. Done.

One platform. Multiple jurisdictions.

Velocity provides a one-stop solution to report for multiple jurisdictions with equal comfort and speed. With its highly efficient, accurate, and completely automated reporting process, Velocity provides an unparalleled solution for all compliance requirements.

Direct filing to FinCEN

File CTR and SAR batches directly to FinCEN to save time

Faster reporting to FINTRAC

Velocity’s regulatory reporting includes ease of filing Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs), Electronic Funds Reports (EFTRs), and Large Cash Transaction Reports (LCTRs)

AUSTRAC Compliant reports

Automated Suspicious Matter reports (SMRs), Cross-border movement reports, and Threshold Transaction Reports (TTRs)

Powerful, Flexible & Easy to Case Management and Reporting Solution

Velocity offers you a quick and smooth case investigation and reporting experience with winning features that empower you to fight money laundering and financial crimes under ever-increasing regulatory scrutiny.

  • A complete overview of all case-related activities

    Velocity’s case management module offers financial institutions a single institution-wide case management platform that meets the diverse demands of their business-specific investigation functions. It ingests all suspicious activity alerts provided by any internal or third-party system, creates, and prioritizes cases, gives businesses a comprehensive and accurate picture of all relevant case-related data.

  • Dynamic dashboard

    An integrated case management dashboard comprises a visual framework that offers users a comprehensive snapshot of all suspicious activity alerts, open cases, and more. It offers effective management of daily activities and critical risk metrics by centralizing information about workflow reminders, open cases, trends, and statistics in one dashboard, allowing users to discover patterns in the data effortlessly.

  • Integrated case management and alerts

    When Velocity identifies suspicious behavior in any internal or third-party system, it generates data-rich alerts and opens a case in the case management and report module with all the information analysts and team members require to complete the investigation. It notifies users of a wide variety of suspicious behaviors taking place across numerous transaction channels. From anomalous financial flows to human trafficking and terrorist financing, Velocity’s risk-rated AML alerts ensures that fraudsters do not prey on your organization.

  • Enhanced reporting

    Velocity helps enhance auditing, reporting, and record-keeping of all areas of fraud and AML detection operations by providing hundreds of ad-hoc data reports and the flexibility to construct bespoke reports with whatever custom fields customers require. Use a pre-made, regulator-approved report or create customized reports that highlight various investigation data, such as fraud saving totals, the proportion of cases that result in SARs, total time spent investigating various forms of fraud, and more.

  • Customized event-based workflows

    The case management and reporting module in Velocity offers considerable control over case workflows. The graphical user interface of the AML system guides users through the process of developing a workflow to satisfy the respective operational process flow requirements of each case type. Organizations can select from pre-existing conventional yet out-of-the-box workflows, alter them or create a new event-based workflow. These workflows can be linked to specific case categories, allowing financial institutions to have separate investigative processes for each type of case. Alternatively, we can program custom workflows for users as well.

  • Automated Suspicious Activity Reports (SARS)

    Users may generate a pre-populated SAR automatically from a case with the press of a button. Complete the narrative using the investigation notes and results saved in the case, and queue it to be submitted directly to FinCEN straight from Velocity.

The Velocity Advantage

Gain a comprehensive perspective on possible fraud throughout the organization. The case management and reporting solution provided by Velocity enables investigators and analysts to conveniently handle and monitor all cases inside a single powerful application. It provides an all-in-one case management system for establishing and managing alerts, potential fraud cases, and Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) submissions. Additionally, it increases the accuracy and efficiency of case investigations while also assisting with financial crime compliance.

  • Velocity is designed based on industry best practices in performing Anti-money laundering investigations. It can combat financial crimes and maintain regulatory compliance without increasing costs or jeopardizing the requisite vigilance.
  • It gives insight across all internal or third-party channels, resulting in extensive investigation capabilities.
  • Velocity keeps a detailed audit log of all user activities that influence the case investigation.
  • Velocity’s centralized case capability enables users to increase communication and eliminate redundant investigative efforts.
  • The innovative velocity system is user-friendly, completely customizable, and is configured easily in any financial institution.
  • It provides a plethora of user-friendly regulator-approved reports as well as the ability to produce custom reports. It also offers in-built user workbenches with work status dashboards.
  • Boost staff productivity with event-driven workflows that eliminate inefficiencies and help manage workloads more successfully.
  • Velocity is integrated with FinCEN e-filing systems to file SARS automatically from the case management and reporting module.


    • Yes, Velocity case management and reporting software can be easily integrated with the existing systems. Moreover, the software is integrated with the FinCEN e-filing systems, which helps to file the SARs automatically, save time and boost the efficiency of the compliance team.

      • Yes, Velocity case management and reporting software can be easily integrated with the existing systems. Moreover, the software is integrated with the FinCEN e-filing systems, which helps to file the SARs automatically, save time and boost the efficiency of the compliance team.

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