Why does the Broker and Dealer Industry need a Fincrime tool?

  • with Comply with SEC and FINRA regulations.

  • transactional High complexity due to multiple trading platforms and transaction channels.

  • operation Maintain operational integrity.

  • transaction-history Handle large volumes of transactions.

  • risk-management Manage and mitigate fincrime risks effectively.

Protect your client transactions, stay compliant with broker-dealer AML/CFT regulations, and grow your business effortlessly with the ultimate fincrime tool Velocity.
Why choose Velocity as your fincrime solution?
Leverages AI and ML

Velocity leverages AI and ML to monitor, detect, and prevent fincrime activities in real-time which helps brokers and dealers to stay ahead.


Whether you are a small-scale brokerage firm with a few clients or a large dealer having thousands of transactions daily, Velocity can scale as per your needs.

Simplifies compliance

Velocity can help you stay compliant with SEC, FINRA, and other regulatory bodies at ease, reduce the risk of hefty fines, and safeguard your reputation.


The advanced tool can be customized as per the needs of broker-dealers, which can help to tackle various challenges.

Ready to learn more about how Velocity can help your brokerage firm?
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