Senior System Analyst – Financial Institution

Job description

Senior System Analyst – Financial Institution

Job description

Do you want to contribute into making today’s interconnected financial world safer utilizing your skills and experience in sophisticated data query and advanced analytics? Do you want to be part of an exciting journey with Alacer Corporation? Alacer is a leader in Regulatory Technology space helping banking clients across the globe with innovative data analysis and effective transaction monitoring strategies. At Alacer, data talks to our data scientists. As a new Senior System Analyst with Alacer, you will make sense of data and you will help our clients make business decisions based on your analysis of the Big Data.

What will be your role?

· As a senior System analyst, you will support our business stakeholders with the development of analytic insights into data to project deliverables, consume data from diverse stakeholders to segment risk factors into applicable risk models leveraging innovative technologies.

· In synthesizing data into features and analytics, you will provide solutions across a range of functions, including customer segmentation, optimization, prescriptive analytics, and machine learning based decision making on Big Data, to support ongoing financial crime risk mitigation strategies.

· You will operate as a subject matter expert on advanced analysis of customer data, while providing management with effective modeling & impact analysis in presenting and providing insight into periodic performance metrics.

· You will test and maintain data layer integrity while performing peer code reviews, leverage strong business and communication skills to identify and resolve data gaps, code issues, while mining data for insights and patterns.

· You will support ongoing data engineering and database development with required data transformation, while collaborating with cross-functional partners to understand their business needs, formulate, and complete end-to-end analysis that includes data gathering and analysis.

· Your projects will culminate in delivering effective presentations of findings and recommendations to multiple levels of leadership, creating visual displays of quantitative information.

What will you bring?

· You will bring deep skillset in database management in conducting complex data queries for data segmentation and data trend identification, data analysis skills to provide investigative and predictive solutions for management using data analytics.

· You will have fundamental business knowledge and finance exposure to understand the business surrounding loan management and credit assessment.

· You will have the insight and exposure to review relevant data set to identify applicable solution that may require understanding dynamic data types, classes, and software expertise to analyze and make decision on such data.

· Extremely skills in SQL

· You are skilled at problem-solving, solution conceptualization & design, logical thinking & implementation, and high-quality coding, with exposure to data privacy laws and controls.

What will You Do?

· You will develop and automate reports, iteratively build prototypes & dashboards to provide insights at scale for solving for analytical needs in harnessing the power of SQL.

· You will facilitate implementation of work product and ensure accuracy of your deliverables under the supervision of the chief data scientist.

· You will consistently follow standard work processes and documentation requirements and will recommend improvement to work processes to increase efficiency while maintaining quality.

· You will continuously improve technical and leadership skills through training and development.

· You will research, develop, and solve new emerging technology driven data problem in the financial crime industry.

What We Are Looking For?

· Bachelors in Analytical filed, such as Economics, Engineering, Statistics, Finance, Science, or any Quantitative based, data intensive field with Data Science exposure

· 5+ years of experience using SQL in data management, data forensics, transactional or reference data management, data governance, data engineering, data architecture, data modeling, data analysis, data optimization.

· 1 to 2+ years of professional experience in data Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in project development capacity, whether masters’ thesis/project or corporate project

· Deep knowledge of data, in understanding the capability of Big Data, pitfalls of Big Data

· Extensive and proficient SQL expertise is mandatory, while banking and financial market experience is preferred.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $75,000.00 – $110,000.00 per year

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