Velocity’s anti-money laundering software is a perfect solution for your financial institution to meet AML compliance needs. The comprehensive AML platform acts as an all-in-one solution for AML compliance and reporting requirements. It can quickly help to streamline your AML compliance process, increase accuracy, and reduce costs.

Protect your business from financial crimes!

Protect your business from financial crimes!

What is AML compliance?

AML compliance, or Anti-money laundering compliance is a set of rules and regulations designed with the aim to prevent money laundering. It helps businesses including financial institutions to uncover any suspicious activities and take steps to protect themselves against money laundering.

If you are a business, ensure that you have the best anti-money laundering software like Velocity that can monitor, detect, and report any suspicious transactions to the proper authorities.


Easy integration

Velocity’s AML software can be easily integrated into the existing systems. From generating reports to filing them, it helps to save time and stay compliant with the regulations.

Risk assessment

The anti-money laundering software can easily identify, assess, and manage the risk of money laundering, terrorist financing, and other financial crimes, which can ultimately help to make an informed decision.


The advanced software can automate processes and activities which helps to reduce manual work, save time, and improve the efficiency of the compliance team.

Real-time alerts

The software should be able to send real-time alerts to the relevant authorities when suspicious activity is detected.

Compliance management

Velocity’s AML software helps to monitor and manage compliance with relevant regulations, which helps to reduce and prevent financial crimes.

Identify AML risks before they harm your business

Identify AML risks before they harm your business

No more worrying about changing regulations, unusual activities, or money laundering. With Velocity’s AML software solution, you can easily monitor suspicious activity, protect customer data and stay compliant with regulations.

Get the peace of mind you need for your business today with Velocity’s AML software!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who needs AML software?

If you are a financial institution or any organization looking to monitor and detect suspicious transactions or behavior and prevent financial crimes, Velocity’s Top AML software is for you.

What features to look for in AML software?

If you are looking to get the Best AML software for your business, check out that it has the
following features:

  • Monitors and detects transactions.
  • Identify suspicious activities/behavior.
  • Provides real-time alerts.
  • File SARs quickly and efficiently.
  • Checks data against specific watchlists.

How does AML software work?

Best Anti Money Laundering Software solution is like the heart of a financial institution that helps to prevent financial crimes. The AML platform uses advanced technology and sophisticated algorithms that helps to detect suspicious activities which helps to identify and prevent money laundering activities quickly.

Velocity offers reliable and efficient AML compliance software, partnering with top AML software vendors to streamline your compliance processes. Stay ahead of regulations with our powerful solution.

What AML checks should you perform?

Financial institutions should perform the following AML checks:

Transaction Monitoring
Transaction Monitoring involves monitoring the transactions of customers like deposits, withdrawals, and more to identify unusual or suspicious activities.

The financial institution should verify the identity of customers and the risk they possess via CDD. In addition to that, to check for high-risk customers like PEP, go for EDD.

Sanction and list screening
It involves checking customers against multiple internal and external sanctions lists to ensure they are not doing business with any individuals or entities mentioned in the sanctioned lists.

How to find the best AML tool?

Anti money laundering software is no longer an option, but a necessity for financial institutions!

However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your financial intuition. So, here are a few things you should look for when selecting the best AML software:

  • Easy integration
  • Provides real-time alerts
  • Uses advanced technology
  • Reliable and scalable
  • Effectiveness of the software
  • The time needed to deploy
  • And most importantly cost.

And guess what? Velocity has all the features listed above! From easy integration and quicker deployment to reliability and scalability, it has got you covered.

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