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Get ready to maximize efficiency, minimize risk, and transform your AML operations with our industry-leading and anti-money laundering software for banks!


Enhanced Risk Assessment

Our banking AML software designed for proactive risk management, leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to identify, assess, and manage the risk of money laundering, terrorist financing, and other financial crimes with ease.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor, flag, and manage suspicious activities in real-time with the advanced anti-money laundering software. Robust tracking capabilities ensure the swift detection of any suspicious activities and send real-time alerts to the relevant authorities.

Intuitive Transaction Monitoring

Monitor, flag, and manage suspicious activities in real-time, and stay a step ahead of financial criminals with our software’s continuous transaction monitoring feature. The tool detects suspicious activities quickly and reduces false positives.

Smart Sanctions Screening

Simplify your bank’s due diligence process and stay compliant with our superior sanction and list screening feature, ensuring thorough scrutiny of customer identities, improved decision-making, and staying compliant with international AML regulations.

Enhanced Risk Assessment

Velocity’s AML software can be easily integrated into the existing systems, providing an effective and consolidated view of AML risks without disturbing your day-to-day operations.

If you are a financial institution looking for the best AML software for banks to automate the compliance process, get your hands on Velocity.

Transform your AML process with the best AML software for banks

Easily monitor suspicious activity, protect customer data, and stay compliant with regulations. Join the top financial institutions revolutionizing their anti-money laundering efforts with Velocity’s banking AML software.

Ready to switch to the most powerful anti-money laundering software for banks, and witness an improvement in compliance efficiency, risk assessment, and reduction in financial crimes?

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