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Velocity is a comprehensive financial crime management suite that uses the best of machine learning and artificial intelligence to offer efficient customer monitoring, sanctions screening, Politically Exposed Person (PEP) matching, KYC risk scoring, customer due diligence, enhanced due diligence, Anti Money Laundering (AML) transaction monitoring, Fraud and more. It also offers support for all user functions including alert management, case management, automated workflows, reporting, and dashboards. Velocity is the ultimate tool to protect your financial institution’s integrity, prevent financial crime such as fraud, money laundering, and terrorist funding, and achieve AML compliance.

The Alacer Group

The Alacer Group is a top-tier team of visionaries and problem solvers with a knack for bringing game-changing ideas to life. We leverage our deep industry expertise, use leading-edge technologies, and build data-driven strategies to provide consulting, technology, management, and staffing solutions for our clients. We are a catalyst for change and a trusted resource for Fortune 500 firms and emerging businesses. And are deeply devoted to delivering excellent service to our clients and allowing them to thrive with outstanding results.


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Our Approach

  • Industry expertise and innovation

    Our success is propelled by professional problem solving derived from deep knowledge about the financial crimes and providing solutions for its management and mitigation. We also understand that being innovative is about more than the tools we deploy - it is about how we use them. That is why Velocity offers the best user experience and utilizes sophisticated technology including Big Data processing, analytics, fuzzy logic, and Artificial Intelligence to minimize false matches and produce accurate results.

  • Empowering Organizations with solutions they need

    We are dedicated to assisting our clients by forming strong bonds with them, learning about their businesses, and satisfying their requirements. Our objective is to establish ourselves as a trustworthy ally. Financial institutions can rest assured when they choose Velocity, they will reduce false positives, achieve compliance, and receive data-driven analysis that will help them make well-informed decisions and deliver targeted results.

  • Commitment to safeguarding Data

    In an age of ever-increasing data, privacy protection and appropriate data usage are critical. The Alacer Velocity FinCrime solution is designed to decrease fraud, manage risk, make lives easier, and, most importantly, protect personal information. One way we can make the world a safer place is via our commitment to ethical data management.

Why Choose Velocity


With Velocity, we offer a multi-tenant, 360-degree FinCrime prevention platform that leverages AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML, and monitors transactions in real-time across all endpoints. In the battle against financial crime, this affords financial institutions an unrivaled advantage. Organizations can utilize Velocity’s transaction monitoring solution to make risk-based decisions arrived via sophisticated analytics on data gathered across several channels.

Ease of use and security

Through an end-to-end, advanced analytics driven transaction monitoring solution based on machine learning, Velocity provides enterprises with convenience, transparency and security.

All-in-one FinCrime protection

Advanced analytics, quick rule-setting, customer screening, transaction monitoring, custom workflows, automated SAR filings, are all part of Velocity’s comprehensive approach to fraud protection

Advanced customer monitoring

Velocity secures all transactions while bolstering anti-money laundering efforts by combining data from several channels, including device ID, biometrics data, and risk score models from KYC systems.


The Alacer-Velocity team is known for its global experience in compliance management and financial crime prevention, resulting in a superior financial crime prevention suite. Thus, Velocity allows financial institutions to recognize and respond to new threats and halt fraudulent transactions in a timely and cost-effective manner. The low false-positive rate enables frictionless payments thanks to Velocity team staying one step ahead of the latest technology, regulatory compliance, and user experience.

Market and Industry Knowledge

Velocity is the market leader in cross-institutional financial crime detection software, and it is used by many banks, banker’s banks, credit unions, and various other financial institutions across the globe to stay compliant with rules and ahead of financial crime. The ease of use, several feature-rich modules, and predetermined/ custom workflows offered with Velocity are a product of high-end technology and in-depth industry knowledge.

The perfect blend of behavioral analytics, algorithms, and AI

The Velocity software assigns a unique financial fingerprint or “DNA” based on important criteria such as income, spending trends, and transaction patterns. This, in combination with pre-built archetypes and self-learning algorithms, allows for the detection of both common and atypical behavior. This helps identify and stop fraudulent transactions while reducing false positives.

Configurable, scalable, and flexible

Velocity is a versatile and configurable solution that can be tailored to match the needs of institutions of all sizes and across all locations, resulting in lower installation costs and increased efficiency. The software covers regional requirements with fully adjustable business rules and can simply link to any core banking system, providing the fastest time in the industry.


The most important thing for the Velocity team is to ensure that customers always succeed. That is why we are determined to fight financial crime together, with the help of a robust financial crime management system, a 24×7 customer support team, and always keeping up with the latest technology.

Performance in par with the best in the world

Velocity is one of the rare solutions to offer complete end-to-end financial crime management- right from customer screening and customer due diligence to sanctions list screening, case management, automated report filing, and more. Keeping up with the latest technology and compliance rules, Velocity is regularly updated with enhanced features and can be customized as per business requirements.

24x7 Live Technical Support

Velocity customer support is the first point of contact for many, and the support team is available 24 hours a day x 7 days a week. Along with troubleshooting software queries, onboarding, and training, Velocity team also provides customization to the system when required.

Backed by a highly proficient team

The Alacer-Velocity organization was founded on the principles of compassion, collaboration, and creativity. Our most valuable asset is our youthful and vibrant workforce, which is passionate about what it does and consistently produces results.

“Velocity selected over multiple competitors to address enforcement actions and deficiencies in the bank’s compliance with AML regulations”

– Velocity Client

“We tried several high-end systems on the market today and nothing beat Velocity”

– Velocity Client

“Velocity output and documentation exceeded regulatory compliance and audit expectations”

– Velocity Client

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