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Velocity FinCrime Solution Suite helps financial institutions comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Fraud, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), and FATCA regulations with ease and simplicity. The solution has been built using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Big data capabilities, which allows the use of multiple detection methods and an advanced analytics engine to help institutions, large and small, achieve compliance while reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

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Management and board level reports

Dynamic and flexible customer-onboarding

Automated AML and KYC checks

Reduction of false positives

AI based entity and country resolution

Behavioral analytics

Payment processing capability

Workforce forecasting

Introducing Velocity FinCrime Solutions Suite

  • Sanctions & List Screening

    It has a proven track record for screening against major sanction regimes, internal lists, and has the ability to address alerts.

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  • AML Transaction Monitoring

    It is a straightforward process to detect, alert, score, and report transactions to regulatory authorities.

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    Velocity fraud module protects financial institutions against fraudulent transactions. With the implementation of adaptive AI, the system is developed to adapt to ever-changing compliance regulations, scale with growing transactions, and minimize false positives.

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    Case Management & Reporting

    Management can get real-time updates on any case progress, status, productivity, along quality dashboards. Reports can be generated and downloaded in different formats.

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    Customer Due Diligence & Risk Rating

    Comes with a robust and dynamic risk model powered by predictive analysis technology. It is integrated customer onboarding and workflows to facilitate end-to-end due diligence and seamless integration with back-end systems.

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    Crypto Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring of customer transactions to detect high–risk and suspicious transactions

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    Dedicated workflow specifically for managing 314a process.

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    FATCA Compliance

    A simple, yet powerful platform to scope, map, aggregate, and continuously update FATCA-relevant information in one place with integrated year-end IRS electronic reporting

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    Cannabis Monitoring

    A comprehensive platform to identify cannabis-industry parties and transactions.

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Velocity FinCrime Suite as a Profit Centre?

The Velocity platform uses advanced RPA (robotic process automation) ‘Digital Workers’. That means no need to license additional RPA software or indulge in high development costs. Not having to pay for additional RPA licensing fees alone covers the costs to onboard Velocity. Add a few quality and productivity Digital Workers and Velocity pays for itself.

  • Productivity
  • User Frustration
  • Enhanced Quality
  • Data Analysis
  • Reports
Why Velocity FinCrime
Solution Suite?

    Accuracy is ensured through data quality management.


    Proven track record in handling millions of transactions and screening customers.


    Robust delivery methods to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.


    Local and global compliance and AML subject matter experts involved in product development and implementation.


    Robust system features and support delivered in a cost-efficient manner.

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